SeaDream Yacht Club has signed an agreement with Dutch Shipbuilders Damen Group for the delivery of a 220 PAX exploration cruise vessel, scheduled to commencing operations on September 18 2021. SeaDream Yacht Club is seeking support to invest and install innovative technology to aid in the company’s strong focus on environmental sustainability for its trade as an international cruise line operator. By implementing measures to convert waste heat energy from its operations into electricity, equipping the vessel with a hybrid system that allows for emission free operations, as well as versatile system for shore power connectivity, the new vessel strives to setting new industry standards for energy efficiency, fuel savings and minimized environmental footprint.


Seadream AS


  • Damen Shipbuilding 1 BV

Teknologisk innovasjon

  • Shore connection system
  • Organic Rankine Cycle system
  • Hybrid system


  • Develop hybrid system design, system integration and operation.
  • Increase the installation base for shore power capable ships.
  • Develop ORC system design, system integration and operation.

Realisert spredning av teknologi

  • Prosjektet bidrar til spredning av teknologi med å ta inn batterihybridisering og utnyttelse av overskudd varme, samt fleksibelt landstrømsanlegg.

Videre utvikling og videre spredning

  • ORC - multiple landbased installations, however very limited installation base on ships. The system to be further developed with the technology supplier for increasing possible marine installations. As such the technology would be applicable on most passenger / special ships.
  • Hybrid system - very few installations on marine applications for the time being, however rather large market potential across passenger and special ships once the unit prices and integration costs can be reduced through increased installation volumes.